Balanced Charity

Let’s do some charity work and help others but we can’t because of the virus, what can we do? This was a topic for our office during the pandemic and we were running out of available options. Brian wanted to take our energy from Balanced Action Marketing Firm and use it help others. The solution for this problem was working with Sweatcoin; an activity points system app, since the office is active and staying fit this worked out perfectly!
The charity we worked for was a crowd funding event by KaseMe and Sweatcoin to plant thousands of trees in Madagascar. The points from our walking and running would be matched by KaseMe and turned into funding for the project. Most of the users were donating 20-50 points which is great towards the goal, our team at Balanced Action Marketing Firm donated a combined total of 1511.41 points for the good cause! We will still be using the app to stay active and help crowd fund again and we suggest you look into it as well.
Some back story to the office and motivation for this project. Brian is the founder and President of Balanced Action Marketing Firm and he is a plant collector and hobbyist along with being an avid hiker. Sharing his passion with the rest of the office by taking them on several hikes and staying active this was a great team building experience and exercise. Check out our Instagram and Facebook to see our hikes!
Thanks for checking out what we have been up to, if you want to join our team contact us!