Personal Growth at Balanced Action Marketing Firm

Having true opportunity for growth has been something I’ve always thrived for.
In my work background I’ve tried everything from retail, office receptionist, personal assistant, restaurant hostess/server, promotional marketing, financial sales, and more..
I’ve found that the standard ‘9 to 5’ isn’t for me. In my experience, I’m not made to be held back by an hourly wage. I never enjoyed being paid based on my position rather than my work ethics.

I first got involved training as a rep with Balanced Action Marketing Firm in October 2019. With strong mentorship, systems for overall growth, and positive team guidance. It was simple to follow training, and develop my marketing skills in the field.
I am now training a team of my own. Having the opportunity to guide others into well developed managers themselves, is a reward in its own. But I’m not done working on my own goals.
Taking time to write down my goals allows me to set my own bars. Laying out my goals on paper gives me a better visual on how to best achieve them. In an opportunity like BAMF I’m free to grow to my full potential. 

-Krystal Diaz, Campaign Manager