Feeding America Riverside

The Balanced Action Marketing team spent some time at Feeding America Riverside to help others in need as volunteers. We were split into groups to maximize our territory and efforts. Sorting the canned and dried food that is donated from food drives and local chain stores an even Costcos. The food comes here and the volunteers like us have to check the dates and containers  to make sure safe and not opened. This takes a long time and this place is only powered by volunteers so they need all the help they can get. The other half of the team was doing the heavy lifting and creating pallets for ship out. These were large cases of peanut butter and beans that were donated directly by the company’s. The food banks and churches in the Inland Empire put in orders to receive the food and then hand out to the local community. We joked about getting the order sheet done in 30 minutes and the staff told us it takes a couple days for 3 people to do it. We completed 1 and a half pages in 3 hours and impressed them, they want us back to help again!
We were successful since we used our teamwork and clear communication skills to stack, count, double check and wrap as we went through each order. Leadership skills in full use here!
Felt good to help others and we had a good team bonding experience as well with this afternoon. We will be heading back with more of the team to get triple the amount of work done next time!
Curious about helping Feeding America? Check out their website to help them like us!