The “Roadtrip” experience with Balanced Action Marketing Firm allows you to develop quickly in the program.

  • A chance for an individual to focus their skill set.
  • Using the marketing systems to create success in a new location.
  • Troubleshooting personal habits and structure for development.
  • Bringing back learned skills to train the team as a team leader.

During this rotation we had two of our team travel up to the Seattle Washington area to manage two campaigns for our clients. Devin with more experience as a Campaign Manager and Diego who is a Client Rep. With the different levels in our company it is a great way to coach and build others by sharing experiences and leading by example. On a roadtrip the individual can focus on themselves fully since they are away from the normal routine in their life, this leads to a huge increase in personal and professional development.

During this trip they were put in the position to run their businesses on their own. Their goal was to create a profitable campaign for the clients and create their own commissions reflective of their performance. Building on previous and current training of the marketing systems to make the business experience worthwhile. Since our Southern California office is part of a larger network of offices they were able to network with another office to gain more experience and know the area better. Meeting up for dinner is the best kind of business meeting out there.

After hours our team had time to take in the sights and enjoy the lovely State of Washington, taking in its abundance of nature and scenic drives. They will have a whale of a tail to share with the rest of the team back home. Road Trips are a great way to gain and share experience to help build and lead a team.

Goals and our business are important since it is the only way to keep yourself on track and growing in this business and in life. Late nights planning the future is the best way to have a successful future. Setting goals, gaining personal and professional development and business management is what we are all about at Balanced Action Marketing Firm.