Car Keys Express

Our newest client and how we make the partnership work!
Car keys, everyone needs them for their car and extras just in case. The client Car Keys Express was working directly with the local auto dealerships and servicing the needs of customers at a very high price. CKE wanted to increase their reach and profits just like any growing business.
How we come into the mix, Balanced Action Marketing Firm has the people skills and Car Keys Express has the inventory and machinery on hand and when we work together we dramatically increase the reach and profits! Now we can use our new client as a part of our business model and it aligns with the needs of the client CKE as well.
How does CKE fit into our management program? 
First we have everyone start fresh as a Client Representative. In this role they work with a seasoned leader to learn the ropes and daily routine when it comes to the client and promoting the services. How do we generate the biggest amount of customer interactions you might ask? We also partnered up with Sams Club to form a trifecta of business and we all profit at this partnership. The members of Sam’s Club win as well since they save hundreds of dollars off the discounted dealership price. Now we are able to increase the amount of inventory moved, increase sales and focus on managing this process as part of our management program. As a Client Representative we aim for a 4-6 week timeframe for that person to apply the tools we give them to be successful and create value at the event and make it a profitable one as well.
The next step is the Campaign Management role, now this person has learned how to be successful when it comes to customer interactions and generating income. Now they will be coaching and training the newer people in the CKE program. Focusing on the income and training will make this person become a strong leader that leads by example. Teamwork is the most important part of this program to make it successful, fun and profitable for all parties.
At this stage in their development the Tech and key cutting training can begin. Learning how to be a locksmith apprentice essentially as we posted in our FaceBook. Once 120 hours is completed they are qualified to cut and program keys on location for the client. Now that this person understands the front end of the business when it comes to direct marketing and the back end of the business in the key cutting process they fully know how this business works. Now the Campaign Manager will be conducting interviews and building a team around their structured skillset, managing inventory, expense logs and audits.
Within 2-3 months from their start this Campaign Manager will have a large part of the responsibility of the CKE van to ensure the business is being a profitable one.
What is the next step? Well every business wants to expand and grow right? We just expanded to Nevada with our other clients so how can we expand with CKE? Once a person has proven they can manage the van on location they are able to move into the ownership position of a CKE service van as part of the expansion under the Balanced Action Marketing Firm. This experienced person is now able to start up with any Sam’s Clubs that are available, they can take their business management skills and move to a new location and claim a new territory, build a team for themselves and have a successful future bringing in six figures.
We are looking for motivated individuals to grow into the position and meet the demand from our clients to expand to make it happen in the next couple of months. If you are wanting to grow into a management and business ownership position and this is the future you want for yourself please contact us via email: