Balanced Action Marketing Firm, Past and Present


In the fast paced world of our business it is always great to look back and take note of our accomplishments.

When did our firm start?

Balanced Action Marketing Firm was established in April of 2019 in Rancho Cucamonga, CA. We started as a small team with big goals to expand and grow our business. Upon our launch we had just one platform and one client with the goal of making huge profits for our client to use as a resume piece per say to acquire more clients in a short time.

By the beginning of the third quarter of 2019 we had grown to two platforms and four clients and a larger team. Looking back, the key to our success early on was the set of systems and standards we held ourselves to, this kept it easy for us to duplicate our skill sets with the new team members and still maintain the results for the firm and the clients.

By the end of 2019 our team and business was working like a well oiled machine. We had three platforms to work with for our clients and our client list was now at six. We also started working with a recruiting team to help us find more motivated team members that will be able to help us continue the fast paced growth of our business. Setting goals and planning schedules for the upcoming year and knowing what we can accomplish but still wanting more.

Our second year in business 2020 was a true test of our mentality.

As you know the world basically shut down and there was nothing we and the rest of the world could do. Our team looked at the situation as a snow day for school. We could not go out and make our business work but we could stay in and grow our mentality and keep our skills sharp. We utilized Zoom to have conference calls to go over topics in our business and new strategies. Never stopping at this point and we were ready to get back to work. As a team we really focused on our goals and team time. Spending a day out with the team hiking and not talking about the business but ourselves and what we want in life was a huge reason we came back stronger.

Starting Again

Once we were able to get back on track and back to work we were excited, we were only ‘closed’ for three months. Some businesses are still closed a year later but not us. With our teamwork time and focus on our goals we all had a stronger mentality when it came to the business and our personal goals that used the business to make it happen. We lost some clients and gained some clients during this time, the world was an uncertain time. The big takeaway from our time in the business and quote that really encapsulated the entire time was this, ‘there is not the right time to start but now’. Some of our clients only relied on their online marketing and sales to still be in the public eye and we all know how that will go. Indirect marketing like social media and emails only gets a tiny percentage of clicks that turns into a purchase while what we center our revenue generated side of the business on is Direct Marketing. With Direct Marketing we are able to get more feedback from the consumer and address their questions and concerns that educates them to make a decision to buy with a much higher success rate. Since we use Direct Marketing and the public was going back out into the world we saw a huge increase in revenue and results for our clients and our firm. The year 2020 was a crazy year for us all and we actually ended up doing better overall than the previous year.

Promotions and Expansions

Now we are in the year 2021 and things for us and the rest of the world seem to almost back to normal. We are starting the year strong with a lot of momentum. Adding more clients to our roster, traveling to new markets to run tests and evaluate for the clients and we are rocking it out this year! Even though the 2020 slow down affected the team we still had people on track to complete the management program and be promoted as a new partner. About the same time in the spring Devin and Diego were primed to be promoted and take over a new territory and market to expand our reach for the clients. So in 2019 Balanced Action Marketing Firm started in Rancho Cucamonga, CA and grew steadily. Now with the promotion of Devin he is managing his team and the market in Las Vegas, NV. This is a big deal for our office and a bigger deal for the clients but we didn’t stop there! A month later Diego was promoted and now running the Oklahoma City, OK market. This is a great time for our office and clients since we had a huge rapid expansion in just a short time.

Now in the present time of 2021 fourth quarter what is the plan?

Looking at the partners with their markets and the CA market still growing bigger the plan is to expand and keep on growing. In early 2022 a fourth location will be opened by Brian in the North Dallas, TX area as an extension of the Balanced Action Marketing Firm in CA branch. During this time and after the teams in the programs are still able to hit their goals and become a business owner in a new location and take full control of their future while using this business as support. That is the best part about our business model, everyone is different but all have the common goal of becoming a manager or business owner.

Can’t wait to do another look back on our success in 2026 to see what we have accomplished as a team.