Building Business Momentum

Business growth is needed to survive in this world but it won’t happen by chance.

Let’s take a look at how our business Balanced Action Marketing Firm is growing based on our actions. Our business is focused on Management and Direct Marketing. Here are 8 steps to our success in the business.

Step 1 is finding out what the customer and client likes and staying with that. Being able to focus on a trend to collect data is very important for the client, for the customer it keeps it simple and they are not overloaded with options to confuse them. Direct marketing is all about feedback and understanding the buyers needs, not just pushing a product.

Remember that a confused mind says no.

Step 2 is keeping it simple for the client. Within our business we handle the inventory, sales, visual marketing and much more and relay the info to the clients. Taking on the bigger project means more control for our firm and an easier time for the clients which in turn want more from us.

Step 3 is about tracking your momentum. Do this based on sales, interactions, locations but keep it on a single topic. Trying to fix the data on a 10 point graph will be impossible but working on a single topic and moving on is the best way to conquer a problem.

Step 4 is to build a strong team. Here at Balanced Action Marketing Firm that is just what we do, build individuals to be strong and grow in our business. We encourage our team to take the management role and lead a team to be successful. With our tools and mentors we all see a huge improvement in this area.

Step 5 of a growing business is about the streamlined transaction process. A growing business can be bogged down and cause a negative impact for the client and customers if there is a bottleneck or slow down. We already solved this by using several distribution and retail locations for our clients so they never miss a beat when it comes to the checkout.

Step 6 is all about the competition. We need to keep an eye on them but not get tunnel visioned on them. Once we have our goals set and making moves towards them we don’t need to worry about the others. This applies to our team, friendly competition but we all focus on our individual goals and together the entire team grows leaps and bounds.

Step 7 we have to remember that momentum can shift and outside forces happen. Simple solution for that is to diversify into multiple clients and platforms to take in any account of issues that might pop up. The saying, “don’t put all your eggs into one basket.” Even with the pandemic we only had a little bump in our growth and business after that we came back stronger. The goals of the business and team had kept us all on track during those uncertain times.

Step 8 it is all YOU. Yes the business will be growing because of you and your actions to take control of the situation. In our management program it is all focused on time and business management to prepare the teams to embrace their entrepreneurial spirit and make it happen.

-Brian Holt CEO of Balanced Action Marketing Firm