Your Potential to Succeed Is Infinite

“When Building anything in life from the homes we live in to the relationships we have, it is imperative  to have a solid foundation to withstand any trials so that we will be able to grow stronger.” -Tina  Harbert, Business Partner, Eagles Point Marketing, Inc.  

So many people in life want to know the secret of how to become more successful. How can we do  better? Well, here are a few tips I have to set that foundation to success!  

Let Go  

What’s the thing that holds you back the most? Fear! You need to let go of that fear. There is going to be  fear in everything that we do, it’s the nature of life. Life is always either moving forward, growing or  dying. So, we have the choice to either push forward and grow or let that fear take us over and die.  Failure is inevitable and necessary so that we can learn from it and do better! Face your fears and you  can do anything.  

Never Stop Learning  

There is always something new to learn in life, no matter how small or little you might think it is. If we  fail to learn, we fail to grow. There are so many different opportunities in life to learn something so take  those opportunities and flourish! To be a good student is to be a great leader which takes me to my next  tip!  

“The best student needs the best teacher, find that first.” – Brian Holt, CEO, Balanced Action Marketing  Firm, Inc.  

Be A Great Leader  

Before we can become great leaders, we need to be able to be a great student or “sponge” and soak up  all the knowledge and tools given to us by others so that WE can use it. Having good leadership skills is  going to be a huge foundation to success. Not only do we want to lead by teaching but we want to lead  by example, making it clear what our values are and that we live by them. Our values and behavior will  be watched as a leader so we need to make sure that there aren’t any inconsistencies that will ruin our  effectiveness. Personal complicity and double standards are the nails in the coffin of our ability to lead.  A good leader will lead quietly and subtly, from the rear, without fuss, without fanfare. In the words of  the Tao Te Ching,  

‘A good soldier does not inspire fear;  

A good fighter does not display aggression;  

A good conqueror does not engage in battle;  

A good leader does not exercise authority. 

This is the value of unimportance;  

This is how to win the cooperation of others;  

This is how to build the same harmony that is in nature.’  

Be Your Power  

Take responsibility, you have the power to choose your experience so it’s up to you to take charge.  What you do is going to affect your success, take accountability for your actions, your mindset, your  behavior and do better.  

“The key to finding success is finding your passion in that task you are embracing and then attacking it  with an unwavering vigor!!” Kevin Braden, Business Partner, Next Generation Marketing, Inc.