Expansion: Las Vegas

My name is Devin Collins. Welcome to CMT (Canary Marketing Team) based in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Originally from Southern California Working with Balanced Action Marketing Firm which has given me the opportunity to spread my wings and expand into new territory. Opening the territory out in Vegas has been the opportunity of a lifetime. Taking the knowledge, experience and partnerships I formed in the training program and directly applying them to build up myself and a hand picked team. 

As I was growing in the program I had the opportunity to travel all along the west coast, From Palm Springs all the way to San Francisco and Seattle. Visiting offices’ local to the area , During these trips one has the opportunity to test their skill sets and see what other business owners are doing to make their business successful. Bringing the knowledge home to share with the team. As a result we have been able to generate millions of dollars for our clients in this past year alone. All during a time in history where many businesses were closed. 

The growth in the program is inevitable for those willing to be honest with themselves and put forth effort. A major theme I took from all the offices I have visited is the importance of Goal setting. If you don’t have clear goals you will find it hard to grow in anything you work to accomplish. And that’s what CMT is here to accomplish. Focus the entrepreneurial spirit into a profitable business. Training individuals that want more. Our goal is to teach you the ins and outs of a business in order to succeed in life. What goals do you have, where do you see yourself in 10 to 15 years. Let’s work together to accomplish your goals. Every Journey starts with a single step, are you willing to move forward and take control over your life?

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Expansion: Oklahoma City

My name is Diego Rizo and I am the new business owner and partner that has expanded from the California office of Balanced Action Marketing Firm. I enjoyed the leadership and independence I learned in that office and I am bringing it to the midwest and starting my own office named: Uzumaki Marketing Academy Inc. The goal for my new office and team are simple, keep our standards high to maintain our success like what I learned in California.
With my team getting started in Oklahoma City we are already scouting out the rest of the state to take it over within a year of my business starting. This will be a big  win for my myself and family, my team that is along side me and our clients.
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