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Balanced Action Marketing Firm:

Direct Marketing That Builds Success

Relationships between the customer and client are crucial and we bridge that gap to find the need for the customer. This face-to-face approach is the best way to build excitement for the client’s product.

Products are everything in business. We partner with the best clients to fulfill the needs on the big box places and that delivers measurable success.

What is needed is you. We are looking for motivated people that want to learn and grow each step of the way with the team.

<h3 style="color:white">Brian Holt<br>CEO</br></h3>

Brian Holt

<h3 style="color:white">Samantha Hartz<br>Executive Organization Administrator</br></h3>

Samantha Hartz
Executive Organization Administrator

<h3 style="color:white">Krystal Diaz<br>Campaign Manager</br></h3>

Krystal Diaz
Campaign Manager

<h3 style="color:white">Devin Collins<br>Campaign Manager</br></h3>

Devin Collins
Campaign Manager

<h3 style="color:white">Suzie Castro-Larsen<br>Campaign Manager</br></h3>

Suzie Castro-Larsen
Campaign Manager

<h3 style="color:white">Anna Chie<br>Campaign Manager</br></h3>

Anna Chie
Campaign Manager

<h3 style="color:white">Anza Merems<br>Campaign Manager</br></h3>

Anza Merems
Campaign Manager

<h3 style="color:white">Gideon Brown<br>Campaign Manager</br></h3>

Gideon Brown
Campaign Manager

<h3 style="color:white">Garrison Sudario<br>Campaign Manager</br></h3>

Garrison Sudario
Campaign Manager

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